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TekRight Blue TekRight is my third Getright skin. It is only for registered users only (as always), and it is based on something I've always wanted to do, but never got around doing. So, as you can understand, I enjoyed this a lot.
Another thing about this skin, is that due to its very detailed work, most of it was created using old techniques. That is pixel by pixel. Yeap, this skin was created in the most 'painful' way of them all. :)
However, it brought back memories of image creation in the old 8-bit, 16-color 'home'-computers, such as the Spectrum, or the Amstrad CPC 6128 (especially the Amstrad since it is one of my greatest loves). These computers didn't have any 'fancy' software - heck, they didn't even have a pointing device of some sort!!! (Imagine trying to draw with your analog joystick or the cursor keys) :-P
Anywayz - get this one - I'm sure you'll like it... You can also check out its two variations: TekRight Red and TekRight Green. Download them too to get the full 'RGB' set.
The skin was updated after discovering a small 'bug'. Now it works 100% ok (I hope)... ;-)
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