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LogRight is a log analyzer for Headlight's Getright app. It was created 'cause I got fed up losing various download URLs and then havingto search huuuuge amounts of almost-unformatted text that lurks in your Getright log.
As you can understand, LogRight needs Getright to operate (you can find Getright at its website).It is of real use if you (like me) use one log file for all your downloads (I mean, if you have ONE file for each download, it can't really get cluttered now, can it?).

LogRight IS and will REMAIN free of charge for everyone to use.
(However, it's NOT free of frags for anyone that violates the License Agreement.)

LogRight News - Aug 1st, 2000:
Small update - good news.
As you may have read in this site's news, LogRight II is finally under development.
I've gathered many requests for features, additions, corrections and so on. Some of them are in fact doable and some not (at least not immediately).The best thing is that I've finally found a way to support non-English log files. Big thanx go to Michael Burford (the guy who created Getright).Anywayz. I also got the incredible ActiveSkin skinning control, which will be used in LogRight II. ActiveSkin must be the best way to skin you apps without writing the code to do it. ;-)
This doesn't mean that Logright II will be skinnable - stop drooling, you'll ruin your keyboard. :-P
However, this concerns the initial Logright II release. Read on for version updates and plans...

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2.0 Under Development - The Sneak-Peek version
    Good News!!! The new version is under way. I've finally started coding stuff, and due to your suggestions and requests, it look like it will be super!
    Read on for stuff I plan to do:
  • First of all, let me say that the plan is to completely rewrite the app. I've decided to do this in order to make the code cleaner, smaller, and (most of all) faster, without having to worry about trash left over from previous versions.
  • In a patch/later version, it will be skinnable. However, although the initial release will have a skinned interface, won't be skinnable. I think you'd better have the new version faster than wait for skin support.
  • An once-more new, faster engine.
  • A new interface (based on my TekRight skins). This new interface will work on all desktops, regardless of font size (a very annoying problem of the current release).
  • Multi-language support (reports will still be in English, but it will be able to read logs saved in the current Getright language.)
  • If you have entered comments and stuff like that in your downloads, they will be shown.
  • MAYBE, and I say maybe, you will have the ability to delete entries from the log, and otherwise manage what's in there. This way, you'll be able to produce a log that can used outside Logright.
  • Also MAYBE there will be a report generator. Maybe.
  • Really do not know what else :) Feel free to send suggestions!

1.0b - New-compile Build - May 10th, 2000 (Current release)
  • Visual Studio 6 is in the house (finally), and so I've re-compiled the program with VB6 and I've created a new setup too.
  • The full install includes the latest version - no need to download an extra update zip.
    There is a 'Mini' download though for those of you who have the VB6 runtimes.
  • BOTH downloads now include the Windows-interface version of LogRight.

iNetToolz: Logright screenshot
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 Legal mumbo-jumbo: This is MY software. I built it myself and did not steal it from anyone / anywhere.
It is free to download and use. Thanx for reading this.