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iNetToolz: ColorizeriNetToolz: Colorizer
Current Version: 1.0c
Downloads: 839
iNetToolz: LogRightiNetToolz: LogRight
Current Version: 1.0b
Downloads: 13130
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Fri, 08 Jun 2001 - iWare by Theremon

 Logright reaches the 10000 d/l mark!!! 

I'm so happy and honoured :D
Good old Logright broke the 10000 downloads barrier earlier today :) This is sooooo cool guys... I can't start to thank you enough. Believe me - stuff like this is the best reward for a freeware developer.
Even though development of the next-generation version has been put on hold, Logright 1.0b continues to serve users worldwide...

So, once again, thank you guys :D


Sun, 26 Nov 2000 - iWare by Theremon

 5000+ Downloadz! 

Well, well, well...
The downloads counter broke the 5000 mark!!! I'm really honoured. I didn't have a counter in the first iPage, so I can't tell how many downloads I had there, but this time I can say that I surely didn't expect this.
It's been only 4 months (almost) since the official launch of this site, and you guys have broken the 5k mark!!!
What can I say? I'm touched :)
Thanks a lot people - and don't forget to check back soon...


Mon, 09 Oct 2000 - iWare by Theremon

 iPage II 

Well, we've got to work on our communication, you and I. Why the heck didn't anyone tell me that IE 5.0 had problems downloading stuff from this site? Huh? :-P
Anywayz. It should be OK now. But if you find a bug anywhere in this site, please tell me about it.


Mon, 02 Oct 2000 - iWare by Theremon

 iPage II 

Found a lil' bug that didn't show the screenshots of Colorizer and LogRight. Thanks everybody for NOT telling me (this must have been there for a couple of weeks).
Anywayz - fixed it.


Mon, 31 Jul 2000 - iWare by Theremon

 iNetToolz: LogRight II 

Some of you may not actually believe this, but I'm finally working on LogRight II. Currently, I'm building its skinned interface.
Unfortunately, I actually don't have the time to make it fully skinnable, so I'm just having fun creating its default (and only) skin. It's based on my TekRight skin, and I hope you'll like it. I know I do. :-D


Mon, 17 Jul 2000 - iWare by Theremon

 iNetToolz: LogRight 

One of the biggest problems of LogRight, has finally been fixed. After discussing the issue of international versions of Getright and their respective localized log files with Headlight's Michael (the guy who created Getright), he was kind enough to gimme a hand on how to use Getright's own language settings. I guess I'm out of excuses now, and I do have to get LogRight II underway. Hmmm?