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 GetRight Skins 
Downloads: 1103
Second skin for Getright and an instant success over many sites on the 'net, such as, Getright's site, etc. 
Downloads: 330
A Getright skin themed after Deviant Art - the new skinning heaven...
Simple, kinda 'flat', but nevertheless nice :) 
Downloads: 409
After I joined Dangeruss Industries as their Getright skinner, I started creating Getright sins for their Skin Themes. This is the first skin completely based on a Dangeruss Industries design. 
Downloads: 494
The very first skin I ever made, was for one of my most favorite apps. Made to look like an experimental interface I planned to use in my apps, and which made its debut in Colorizer 1.0b. 
Downloads: 522
After a loooong break I took, here is another Dangeruss Industries Getright skin. I reeeally like the colors. 
QNX3 BlueQNX3 Blue
Downloads: 283
A port of the QNX3 theme by Dangeruss Industries and Alexandrie
QNX3 BrownQNX3 Brown
Downloads: 155
A port of the QNX3 theme by Dangeruss Industries and Alexandrie
QNX3 GreenQNX3 Green
Downloads: 215
A port of the QNX3 theme by Dangeruss Industries and Alexandrie
QNX3 RedQNX3 Red
Downloads: 173
A port of the QNX3 theme by Dangeruss Industries and Alexandrie
QNX3 YellowQNX3 Yellow
Downloads: 217
A port of the QNX3 theme by Dangeruss Industries and Alexandrie
TekRight BlueTekRight Blue
Downloads: 577
TekRight is my first ever attempt on a 'tech' design. Lucky me, it turned out great! Also well received over the 'net. Fooling around with the 'RGB' concept, I also made it in Green and Red? 
TekRight GreenTekRight Green
Downloads: 328
The green version of Tekright. 
TekRight RedTekRight Red
Downloads: 323
? and the red one. 
Downloads: 578
TekRight looks like a design by Dangeruss Industries (based itself on a design by After contacting Dangeruss in order to clarify that I didn't steal anything, he proposed to join the team, and create ThredzRight. So I did. :) 
Torsion BarTorsion Bar
Downloads: 468
Another skin I made for Dangeruss Industries. Simple, 'lightweight' and cute. :) 
 Skin News 

Fri, 15 Dec 2000 - iSkins by Theremon

 QNX3 Pack 

Okie people...
Go to the iSkins section, and get the QNX3 Getright skins. This Dangeruss Industries themed skin comes in no less than 5 flavours...
Get crackin'... :)


Tue, 28 Nov 2000 - iSkins by Theremon

 New skin ( last) 

The Dangeruss Industries themed QNX RTP skin is here... I gotta say, it's a very nice skin.
Go to iSkins and get it. NOW!


Wed, 18 Oct 2000 - iSkins by Theremon


Hi boyz and girlz.
Skin time again... DeviantRight is here. Yeap, it's a Getright skin themed after Deviant Art.
So, check out the iSkins section and have fun...


Wed, 02 Aug 2000 - iSkins by Theremon

 iPage II 

Okie. I'm continuing development of this site. Slow, but steady.
The iSkins section is now complete. You can finally browse the skins and download any of them you want. If you visited during the development of the section, you might have encountered some broken links, all of which are now fixed. Enjoy...:)


Fri, 14 Jul 2000 - iSkins by Theremon

 Torsion Bar 

Another skin, product of my collaboration with Dangeruss Industries is ready. It's name is Torsion Bar and is part of the theme with the same name.


Tue, 27 Jun 2000 - iSkins by Theremon

 Theremon @ Dangeruss Industries 

Well, I guess this is the best reward I've received for my grafix. After contacting Dangeruss Industries over a skin copyright thingy, I was invited to join the team as their official Getright skinner. Well, after about 0.00005 milliseconds of serious thought I joined. :-D
This is a great honor for me. Dangeruss Industries is as I believe one of the best skin production sites in the world. Visit Dangeruss Industries now and enjoy.