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 iNetToolz: Colorizer v1.0c  

Colorizer is a gradient text designer for HTML pages. It lets you select start and end colors, enter the desired text, and then select one of three gradient modes:
Start color to end color
End color to start color
Start color to end color to start color

Multiline support is here!
Check it out!!!

It has a real-time preview pane for immediate previewing. You can also specify a background color and the font's size, which although not included in the generated HTML code, can be used for accurate previews.
You can set the colors by either entering RGB values in Decimal or Hex format, or by clicking on the result color, which pops the Windows color selection dialog. You can also swap the starting/ending colors quickly by clicking on the 'swap' button located between them. Each color 'box' has a set of five colored boxes on its lower left corner which once clicked set the color to the one clicked.
Finally there is an option to copy the generated HTML code to the clipboard for a quick paste to your HTML Editor.
Colorizer IS and will REMAIN free of charge for everyone to use.
(However, it's NOT free of frags for anyone that violates the License Agreement.)

I'd also like to thank my pal Jon 'FE' for his help in this little project
(he was a great help with all those stupid little bugs)...

1.0c - Small bug fix - May 19th, 2000
  • A couple of keyboard-navigation bugs are fixed (thanx Chakravarti).
  • The no-backspace key thingy is also fixed (thanx Chakravarti).
  • The tray icon should behave normally on Windows NT/2000.

1.0b - New-compile Build - May 10th, 2000
  • Visual Studio 6 is in the house (finally), and so I've re-compiled the program with VB6 and I've created a new setup too.
  • The full install includes the latest version - no need to download an extra update zip.
    There is a 'Mini' download though for those of you who have the VB6 runtimes.

iNetToolz: Colorizer screenshot
Click here for iNetToolz:Colorizer screenshot
 Legal mumbo-jumbo: This is MY software. I built it myself and did not steal it from anyone / anywhere.
It is free to download and use. Thanx for reading this.