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Hmm... So, you're curious, huh? Curious to know about me..
Ok, what can I say now... Hmmm...

First of all:
My real name is Kyriakos Xagoraris.
cover I'm 25 years old. I live in Piraeus, Greece and I do not intend leaving. It's a nice place here - you should visit sometime. :)
Theremon is my 'net nick. Chances are that when you see a 'Theremon' somewhere, it's me.
The nick actually belongs to Mr. Isaac Asimov - one of the greatest guys that walked this Earth. It's the name he used for a character in his story 'Nightfall'.The character was a reporter from planet Kalgash. Great book - go get it.
Anyway, back in my AD & D days, I needed a really catchy name for my wizard. So, with the book fresh in my mind back then, I 'borrowed' three names, which I used to name my character: Theremon Dovim Kalgash, mostly used as Theremon D. Kalgash.
Now, although my AD & D days are over, the nick ain't. I still like it. It brings nice memories. Nice books, nice AD & D sessions...
Just in case of you thinking I got this domain in order to benefit from the nickname, it didn't. If you search this site, you'll see that I don't sell anything. The only think that you might pay for, is the Nightfall book itself, ONLY IF you click on the link above in order to buy the book from Case you do, I'll get just some nickels. In fact, the link's there for the past few months, and my total 'income' so far is $0 USD.
The name was not assumed for no other reason than the impact the character had in my life.

Bored you enough. On with the show...

As you may have noticed in other sections of this site, I'm a software developer.
I build everything a program needs - code, databases, interface, graphics and so on...I really like what I do. I have been creating programs ever since I was 10 years old. In fact, I sold my first apps at the age of 13.
It was rather cool - 3 apps for a lottery agency. Not quite your standard 'pro' level apps, but my client was more than happy with the result. :)

Since then, I finished school (two of them), served in the Armed Forces, and have been professionally working as a software developer for the past 5 years.
I also have worked as a magazine assistant editor - a rather painful experience as the publisher was a TOTAL a**. Before starting to work as a full time developer I had also worked at a couple of computer shops, and with various large computer companies, before settling down at my current company - a NavalArchitects and Software company, as the head of our Software & Web Dept.
My full Curriculum Vitae is here, for anyone interested.
Here it is Greek, too.

Most recent life change:
I got married on October 24th, 1999... :D
I've got a lovely, beautiful wife whom I love very, very much (especially when she's reading my site's text) ;-)

We've also got a little doggie. Her name is Demi (yes, as in Demi Moore). She's a cute little stray dog, which was saved from certain death when she was 6 months old. She was found covered in mud and blood - she was probably hit by a car or beaten -almost- to death by some no-brain at the docks near which she searched for shelter. :(
Anywayz, now's she's a happy, cute puppy, always sniffing around, playing, biting our hands, eating, sleeping and whatever else it is that dogs do...

From here to eternity:
My life plans include finishing this site (don't think so ;-), and other interesting stuff. I'm constantly improving my skills, and I wanna be a better developer, and the best guy overall. :)
Stay tuned...